Prescription Errors

A prescription error is any error that occurs during the prescribing process of any medication from the time it is ordered until it reaches the patient.  For example, if a doctor prescribes 10 mgs. of Brintellix, but the pharmacist fills the bottle with 10 mgs. of Brilinta, that is a prescription error.


Prescription errors can occur at multiple points of contact with a patient, and clearly, as the patient, you are not in control of how medications are dispensed at the corner-store pharmacy or the pharmacy located within the walls of the hospital.  You are not involved in supply chain quality control from the time the pills are sent from the pharmaceutical company to the time they are counted and poured into your pillbox.

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We Hold Pharmacies Accountable for Their Mistakes.

Dispensing a bottle of medicine with the wrong prescription or dosage is a prescription error and may form the basis for a personal injury case if the person who takes the medicine becomes sick or dies.  Unfortunately, the reality is that there are many inexperienced assistants, rather than qualified pharmacists, filing prescriptions for customers. The assistants’ lack of qualifications and experience can result in errors when filling prescriptions, which can lead to personal injury or death if the person taking the medication gets sick or dies.

What Kinds of Mistakes Can Happen in a Pharmacy?

  • Putting the wrong drug into the patient’s prescription bottle;
  • Putting the wrong dose of a medication into the patient’s prescription bottle;
  • Giving a patient a different patient’s medication;
  • Failing to advise the patient how to take the medication properly;
  • Failing to advise the patient of potential side effects or drug interactions;
  • Failure to call the ordering doctor for clarification if a prescription note is illegible; and
  • Improperly filling the wrong prescription for a patient.

If there is no recovery to you, there is no fee to us.

For nearly two decades, Freiwald Law, P.C. has represented victims of pharmacy errors, which can lead to devastating injuries including hospitalization and death.

Stores such as Walgreens, Target, CVS and Rite-Aid, where you fill your prescriptions or purchase over-the-counter medications, have a duty to provide you with the exact medication and dosage prescribed by your doctor.  Failure to act within the standards of care required by a pharmacist and pharmacy is called “negligence.”  And when someone’s negligent act causes you or your loved one harm, you need a lawyer to represent your interests and protect you from further harm.

Pursuing Maximum Compensation Following a Prescription Error

The attorneys at Freiwald Law, P.C. hold doctors, nurses, hospitals, technicians, pharmacists, pharmacies and any other negligent parties accountable for injuries sustained due to a prescription errormedication mistake and/or drug defect.  Whether the injuries are minimal or fatal, we will launch a full investigation.  Victims of these types of errors may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Cost of Medical care
  • Lost of income
  • Diminished future earning capacity
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering

Together we can pursue the maximum damages in your pharmacy error case.

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